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In addition to the weather heavy rain, wind, snow searchers were hindered by the fact that Grant wasn't reported missing until roughly 13 hours after he was last seen, on videotape.

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Skidmore college president Susan Kress said, "We are deeply saddened by the death of Alexander Grant. The untimely passing of a student is Le Coq Sportif Eclat 89 Navy

Police speculated that Grant broke into the office lobby to get warm.

"At this point we don't suspect foul play," Veitch said.

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Police said Grant was at the party for about a half hour.

"As a parent of a 19 year old college student my heart sincerely goes out to the family," city Police Chief Christopher Cole said. "One can only imagine what's going through their minds right now."

"We need to find out what kind of condition Shoes Fila Basketball

"We do believe he had been drinking," Veitch said.

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However, police won't know if he was intoxicated or under the influence of other substances until toxicology and autopsy reports come back, at least two months from now. Tuesday and taken to Albany Medical Center Hospital where an autopsy will be performed today by a forensic pathologist.

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Cole said he met with Grant's parents and sisters, who arrived in Saratoga Springs late Sunday night, after police called to tell them he was missing. "I can't characterize what they were feeling other than shock or grief," he said. "They were here . not knowing what happened to their child."

Grant, a Boston College sophomore from Briarcliff Manor in Westchester County, was in town visiting Skidmore College friends. Sunday, about an hour after Grant left. The house's address was redacted from the day's police blotter.

Nearly 50 emergency personnel from several different agencies took part in Monday's search. Attempts to locate him with tracker dogs, a State Police helicopter, thermal imaging devices and global positioning via his cell phone all proved fruitless.

"We're talking to everybody we need to, to further the investigation," city police Lt. Greg Veitch said. "This case is not closed. We won't rule anything in or out."

Grant's whereabouts from then until he broke Le Coq Sportif Lcs R900 Monochrome Ruby Wine into the office, almost two hours later, is one of many unanswered questions surrounding the case.

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A significant amount of blood was found in the office lobby. Police said Grant suffered a non life threatening cut on the foot when he kicked his way into the office. The videotape showed him wearing only a pair of shorts, long sleeved shirt and one sock the same way he was found Tuesday.

Search for missing teenager ends tragically

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A second sock and his pants, which contained identification, were recovered about 150 feet from the building when police responded to what was then considered a burglary, at about noon on Sunday.

However, Saratoga County District Attorney James Murphy III said his office will be part of an investigation to determine if anyone at the party served alcohol to underage persons. This could result in charges of endangering the welfare of a child or unlawful dealing, both misdemeanors carrying punishments of up to one year in jail.

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"Obviously there are consequences that can result (from underage drinking)," Murphy said. "This is obviously the ultimate consequence when a parent has to bury their child."

"We're pretty confident his demise occurred a couple of hours after he was seen on that video," Cole said. "There's probably not much we could have done."

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Tuesday when officials found the body of missing 19 year old Alexander Grant submerged in Putnam Brook, about 300 yards north of Sunnyside Gardens on Route 9N. Sunday breaking his way into a medical office building at 3 Care Lane, off Church Street just before the Route 9N railroad overpass. The office is on the east side of adjacent railroad tracks. Grant's body was found less than a half mile away on the west side of the tracks, beneath a shelf of ice in the creek's rushing swollen waters.

he was in to find out what caused him to do what he did," Cole said.

in about four feet of water, where it's believed he got tangled in underbrush beneath the water line. He apparently fell into the water, in the dark, just upstream from where he was found. Fire fighters located the body with underwater probing equipment.

a tragic event in the life of any college; this is a grievous loss for two campus communities. Our hearts go out to Mr. Grant's family and friends. Saturday: Grant leaves Church Street house party hosted by Skidmore College students. It's believed Grant had been drinking. Sunday: Police break up the house party after receiving noise complaints from neighbors. Sunday: Grant breaks into office at 3 Care Lane, wearing only light clothing, apparently to get warm. Sunday: Grant exits the office. Sunday: Friends report Grant missing. Monday: Search resumes. Tuesday: Grant's body recovered in Putnam Brook. Tuesday: Grant's body removed from woods behind Sunnyside Gardens on Route 9N.

City firefighters Peter Frolish and Aaron Dyer, wearing special cold weather gear, recovered his body clad only in shorts, a shirt and one sock at a bend in Putnam Brook Le Coq Sportif Lcs R1000 Denim

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